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Extra end needed to part Hasselborg and Kim

Two different games was played in the semi-finals. Lots of rocks in play on sheet E for Hasselborg and Kim and a lot cleaner house in the game between Paetz and Christensen.

Paetz played a controlled game and a steal of one in the seventh made the uphill climb to steep for the Americans Team Christensen. Final score was 5-2.

Swiss finalists aren’t unusual here in Stockholm. Tirinzoni won 2013 and Miriam Ott, now coach for Team Paetz, did so in 2010. Binia Feltscher and Jäggi also reached the final. But it’s a first time for an Asian team.

Team EunJung Kim won a really tight game over Anna Hasselborg and will now play against Paetz for the first time this season. Kim shows a good game and their hunt for form to the home Olympics seems to go in the right direction.

Game start 13.00 CET and is live broadcasted on Youtube.


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